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If you're a returning pet parent, you will notice that our Lil'o's Club and DigNoFurther websites are now under this one!

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Tailored 1 On 1  Dog Training Support ๐Ÿ•

Mississauga Dog Trainer Near Me

Private Dog Training Support

Helping all families and dogs in and around Mississauga. No matter the issue, nor the dog's breed or age.

Small Dog Group Walk Sessions Mississauga

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This is THE place for everything small-dog happiness.


Dog Training Resources

Browse a collection of articles, tips & tricks, podcasts, videos & more.

Browse Our Dog Training & Enrichment Services

You can book these and any other services as you need. Some  may also be available as part of discounted packages, which then allow you to book your sessions, after paying only once.

private dog training mississauga

1.5 Hr Private Session at Your Home

I'll come to your home/neighbourhood and we can work on any issues and concerns you have during your at-home session. Feel free to prepare your questions and topics you'd like to address!

Mississauga Dog Trainer Near Me_

1 Hr (At a Park) Private Training Session

Though the majority of dog training services are provided in person, we know there's a lot we can accomplish over the phone/video call as well! This also allows us to assist more owners and their dogs.

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1 Hr (Via Zoom) Dog Training Session

Though the majority of dog training services are provided in person, we know there's a lot we can accomplish over the phone/video call as well! This also allows us to assist more owners and their dogs.


Small Dog Services

Book any of these services as you need! Many of these are also available as part of discounted packages that you can purchase once and book as you need.

Please note that each service will ha its own weight limit, with the maximum being 30 lbs.

Small Dog Enrichment & Dog Training Services in Mississauga

Enrichment Outings

This service is for all small dogs (we recommend your dog be up to date on their vet records) and will provide them an opportunity to join one of our team members on a fun outdoor adventure, that will be sure to engage all of your dog's senses, further their socialization and hand you over a happy, tired pooch!

Mississauga Positive Reinforcement Training and Enrichment for Small Dogs

Drop-Off Playtime

Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend some time with us and socialize with other dogs and people in the area, all while practicing wanted behaviours in a 100% positive manner.

Mississauga Small Dog Group Play Sessions.png

Outdoor Play Sessions

There's really nothing better than a dog who's able to make amazing choices in outdoor, social environments. Let's get together in an outdoor setting this summer, and help our dogs not only socialize with one another, but also practice working through their distractions, engaging with you, and above all feeling good about being outside! There will always be a trainer there present to guide all pet parents attending.ย 

Drop-Off Dog Training Mississauga Square One_edited.jpg

Drop-Off Socialization

Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend some time with me and work on your dog's social skills in different settings. The advantage to this service is that I can get a lot out of my busy and dog-friendly area, to help your dog become more comfortable in social settings and ultimately make better choices, in different situations.

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Dog Sitting

Dog sitting is not only great when you're busy or rather not leave your dog alone at home, but also to give your dog a change in scenery and environment. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder!


Drop-Off Training

Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend time with me learning new behaviours, how to best behave and what choices to make in different situations. The most commonly requested lessons and behaviours to tackle are leash training, recall, manners and overall impulse control. You can book each session as you need and they will all come with videos of what your dog is doing and practicing.

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Lil'o's Club

Product Review: Activity Matz Garden Game


โœ”๏ธ Healthiest alternative to a dog bowl

โœ”๏ธ Relaxes and overexcited/tired dog's mind

โœ”๏ธ Slows down eating in an engaging way

This food snuffle mat is 100% a must-have! regardless of your dog's age, breed, or personality.

A snuffle mat like this one can easily replace your dog's bowl (and I recommend you do) as a more engaging way for your dog to search and find his food by snuffling for each piece.

Snuffling and scavenging-like exercises are natural for dogs and other animals, and incredibly beneficial. Through snuffling and using their nose, dogs also get to slow down their brain and effectively regulate their own emotions. Young dogs and puppies benefit from this highly, as it's normal for them to feel easily excited about the world around them and are not yet equipped with the means to easily regulate their own feelings. This is where snuffle mats come in super handy!

Most snuffle mats are machine washable but this one, in particular, should be okay with being hand-washed, except perhaps the toys it comes with. You can also use your dog's other toys, not only the ones it comes with. Just like other snuffle mats, this one is really easy to transport as it also comes with a hook & loop closure to keep it neatly closed and put away. You can bring it to places where your dog could use some help winding down and settling, by snuffling. This is one of the biggest and most convenient advantages of snuffle mats over food puzzles.

3 ways your dog could play with it.

1. Easy challenge: Hide treats or dry food under plush material & encourage your dog to sniff them out.

2. Increased challenge: Hide treats in pockets and cover them with the toys.

3. Ultimate challenge: Hide treats in 5 treat pockets & secure them with hook & loop closure and hide treats with toys for a harder challenge.

Make sure to supervise its usage. If your dog starts chewing it or throwing it around, it may be best to switch to a more physically stimulating game at that time, before trying again. Strongly recommend! 10/10

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