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Pawblems Made Easy

We come to Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton, Georgetown, Toronto and surrounding areas.

How PMEZ private sessions work is that our trainer will reserve the entire day for you, so that he may take as much time as you need with you and your puppy to help you address any and every concern you have as well as all the basics. 

On average, our private puppy sessions last 3-4 hours and rarely will a second session be required (unless we're working with a serious behavioural issues and/or if you would like us to come back for more advanced training). 

Our 100% satisfaction policy means that you only pay at the end of your session, and only if you're happy with what we've done! Free text and phone support is available afterwards.

Send us a text message at +1 (514) 560-3574 to obtain a quote!

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"Carlos was over to help us with our 9 week old golden doodle. He stayed for almost four hours and was willing to take on all my questions. I highly recommend his services. He is patient and committed to making the new pet parent responsibility easier to handle. Definitely worth the price!"

- Rajveer Badesha

Our Services

Booking a day on our website simply lets us know what availability works for you, should you decide to continue with us. Upon booking, our head trainer will reach out to you to confirm the booking as well as address any questions you have before the session and provide you with your quote. 

There is no cancellation fee for our services, should you decide to cancel your booking.

Reach out!


Dealing With A Dog's Separation Anxiety

  • XDOG Weight Vest

    - Physically stimulate your dog.

    - Weight pockets (you can use sand, rice or bb's and ideally inside of a little zip lock bag) mold to fit your dog's body shape.

    - Further challenge during walks/runs

  • AK KYC Snuffle Mat

    - Use after a dog has been physically stimulated, to then mentally challenge the dog's nose.

    - Begin with multiple treats/kibble and reduce the amount as you go to increase the challenge.

  • Tricky Treat Ball

    - Challenge a dog's nose.

    - Useful to slow down feeding speed.

    - Begin with multiple treats/kibble and reduce the amount as you go to increase the challenge.

    - Can encourage retrieving.

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Dog Training 1 on 1 At Home Private

Pawblems Made Easy

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