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3 Different Leashes I Like and When to Use Them

There are three main types of dog leashes that I like using, and so I thought I’d share with you how I get the most out of each one and when I use them.

Let’s start with the leash I use the most!

The short, dog walking 6 ft leash:

This leash length is the one pet parents use. But
this one, in particular, I really like, because it allows me to more easily guide a dog, by using the extra handle on it, should we suddenly run into a situation we’re not ready for, or it’s too distracting for us.

It’s perfect for bathroom breaks, quick or long walks in the neighborhood, and for trips to the store or to meet other dogs.

The longer (+10 ft) leash/long line:

This leash takes you and your dog one step closer to walking in a very loose and relaxed manner. This makes room for my dog to wander off a bit more while walking. However I don’t recommend using this leash near vehicles due to its length and thus delay in reaction time, should you need to quickly get your dog’s attention.

I find it this leash the most useful and safe when first walking with an inexperienced, young, or shy dog, to limit yanking/pulling on the leash until we’re ready to leash train with a 6 ft leash. I use this longer leash with these types of dogs mainly because I want to let them have more freedom to explore where they are (preferably non-busy hiking locations and open parks), while at the same time putting all of my emphasis and efforts on rewarding each instance where my dog chooses to give me their attention.

A Flexi/retractable leash:

Though I use this leash the least when I do it’s because I am either walking a really low-energy dog, a senior dog, and/or a dog whom I have an enormous amount of trust on walks. Generally use for quick walks in the area or when running errands. 

Not typically suited for leash training and overall guidance outdoors. I also don’t tend to use it when walking in a busy area with people and dogs, as the leash itself could also potentially injure someone if they walk into it, especially during summer when people are wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses.

That’s my take on these three leashes. What leash do you use the most out of these three and why? 

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