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Behaviour Modification Classes in Misssissauga

Modifying Behaviour Classes

This is an in-person group class for dogs 5-24 months of age. Held at 2355 Tedlo St #3, Mississauga, ON L5A 3W7. Class size is a maximum of 5 dogs (max 4 people per dog). Dogs attending class should be up to date on their vet's recommended vaccinations.

Join us for this consecutive, 3-week indoor course where we aim to replace unwanted behaviours with more desirable ones, by enhancing emotional reactions and providing dogs with alternative, desired options they can choose from for us to reinforce positively.

Class sessions are 45-50 mins in length, every week on the same day, same time and location for a total of 3 sessions. Additional class sessions may be provided, on a drop-in basis, depending on the dogs and demand, for further training and practicing.

Taught by: Carlos C. 

Small Dog Socialization Sessions_edited.jpg

Please note that the purpose of the letter at the name of each class is to help our team separate each group of participants.

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