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QUICK STEPS: How can I prevent food possessiveness?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

QUICK STEPS: How can I prevent food possessiveness?

1. Walk to the kitchen and shake the container that his food is kept in to signify feeding ritual is starting.

2. Poor the food onto his bowl on the counter.

3. Stand in front of your dog with the food bowl in your hands.

4. Wait for him to try different actions to see what'll get him the food.

5. Do not say any commands, just wait for him to relax his excitement a little.

6. If he whines, it means he is not sure what you expect of him but he is trying to figure it out, so simply wait.

7. Upon signs of relaxation, begin leaning down to place the bowl on the floor.

8. If he reacts excited to that, stand back up and repeat the steps above.

9. Place the food on the floor once he relaxes as much as he can and say "Go eat".

10. Practice this daily so the sound of the food container will equal relaxation in his mind. Excitement is what leads to possessiveness, calmness does not.

11. After he takes one bite of food, take the bowl away and repeat these steps.

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