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QUICK STEPS: How can I teach my dog to fetch a ball?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

QUICK STEPS: How can I teach my dog to fetch a ball?

1. Throw the ball to instigate chase.

2. Don't talk, touch or look at your dog.

3. Do another activity on your own to distract yourself.

4. Wait for your dog to bring the ball as close as you feel he is able to for now.

5. Be patient.

6. Be even more patient. You will not talk your dog to bringing the ball. The job is for him to figure out how to get this game going. If he never brings it, ever, then your dog is not a dog that is into this game. But you can continue waiting.

7. Once he actually brings it, pick it up and throw it immediately so he associates his action with your reaction/reward.

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