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QUICK STEPS: How do I teach my dog to let go of an object?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

QUICK STEPS: How do I teach my dog to let go of an object?

1. Walk calmly but confidently towards your dog.

2. Place one (better two) hands on the object that he has a hold of.

3. Remain silent and relaxed do not look directly at him but rather from the side.

4. Do not pull the object away from him, not even one inch as this will make him think a pulling game has begun.

5. If he still reacts with pulling, gently but firmly keep your hands on the object but allow your dog to try to pull away from you.

6. Be patient and keep your hands on the object.

7. Continue being patient.

8. When he begins to let go, remain in place until you can tell his focus has dissolved and he is beginning to relax.

9. Wait for him to relax and back away as much as you think he's able to.

10. Once he is calmly and patiently waiting at a distance from the object, throw it and repeat.

Got any questions regarding the above? Please contact us at info@pmez.ca

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