Top 10 Items Every New Puppy Owner Needs

Here are the top 10 dog products the Head Trainer of our friends at Pawsitive Plus Dog Training recommends for all new puppy owners! Flat bed (crate bed)

Very few dog beds will be as useful as this one! Getting your puppy used to sleeping on a flat bed is a great habit to build early on. Especially because it’ll help make the connection between a comfortable bed for your pup to sleep on, that he/she feels good about, before slowly introducing your pup to it inside/alongside their crate. Browse flat beds.

Dog crate

Crate training can be one of the most useful things you can practice with a new pup. Not only because it’ll provide you with a safe place to leave your pup or dog when they’re home alone but more importantly it will provide a place where your dog feels safe, relaxed and comfortable until you come back. Ultimately what makes the difference is how you go about introducing and training your pup no matter what. But acquiring your pup’s crate is the first step! Browse crates. Freedom harness Flat collars are a good choice, but if you can also opt for a couple of freedom harnesses (different sizes) then you will be really well equippe to help introduce your dog to leash walking, even if you’re just starting to practice indoors. A freedom harness will have a back and front clip that you can use for different purposes. Our Head Trainer finds the front clip to be the safest and most useful option to help guid your pup while on walks, especially through challenging/distracting environments. Browse freedom harnesses. Adaptil (DAP)

A great tool to help all dogs realx. Get started with an Adaptil DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) spray, that you can use on your dog’s items to help him or her relax and feel safe. Especially in a new or somewhat challenging/distracting environment.

Browse Adaptil spray.

Stuffies What’s more fun than picking out stuffies for your new puppy?! Pick out a pack or handful of plushies that will allow you to rotate and present to your pup a different one every day. This will keep him or her engaged in the toy when it comes to play time or when you simply want them to spend some time on their own doing their thing! Browse stuffies. Small Kong

Kongs come in different shapes, sizes and types depending on a dog’s chewing needs, but more importantly on how much a pup can handle when it comes to chewing on a hard toy or surfance. Opt for a small kong to begin and take it from there! A small kong (or even better 2 or 3 of them) can be used to provide your pup’s snacks or part of their meals in to help them burn some brain energy and keep them occupied once they’ve gotten their zoomies or another fun, physical activity out the way! Browse Kongs. Snuffle mat Speaking of burning brain energy, few dog toys provide a better mental challenge than snuffle mats! You can use a snuffle mat in many different ways. The easiest is to hide part of your pup’s breakfast, lunch or dinner in order to let them enjoy an engaging snuffle/nose-driven activity that is rewarding for them as they find every single piece. You can also use a snuffle mat with treats well hidden inside to help your dog relax after a fun and energetic game with you. Browse snuffle mats.

Licky mat Spread some pumpkin, banana puree or even peanut butter on a licky mat and watch your pup have a licking fiesta! Licky mats can allow dogs not only consume a light snack but also through the act of licking help them decompress, soothe, feel good and relaxed. This is a tool that can also be used when first practicing handling and trimming your puppy’s nails.

Browse licky mats.


What better way to show our pups we love them, that they’ve done something we like, or that it’s rewarding to follow our guidance! Stay on the safe and healthy side of things by double checking with your vet before providing your dog with any treats.

Browse treats.

Clicker Dog training clickers make for clear markers/indicators of wanted behaviour not only in a classroom setting but in any day to day scenarios. Though our Head Trainer recommends using your voice and attention to reinforce your pup’s correct choices, clickers can sometimes provide more clear direction in more distracting and challenging environments if you’ve been practicing with it from early on. Browse clickers.