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Neekor Dog Bed


- Relax your dog after physical and mental stimulation

- Can serve as outlet to humping (mainly for older adolescent dogs) when feeling overstimulated

- Keep puppies warm during colder weather

Lavender Balm


-Help calm and relax your dog through scent when he is feeling overwhelmed or overly excited.

-Should be used during the first interactions of a stranger and a dog that tens to feel nervous and uneasy easily.

Snuffle Mat


- Mentally stimulate your dog.

- Slow down your dog's eating to prevent respiratory/digestion-related health problems.

- Engage your dog's instinct to search for his food using his sense of smell and strengthen it.

Snuffle mats are wonderful training tools to help dogs of all ages and breeds!

They are best used to provide a feeding method that dogs will find it similar to scavenging, as they get to use their body and nose to locate and find the piece of kibble or treat that you've hidden in the mat!

Though this toy is always a better option than simply using a food bowl, it's still important that we use this tool alongside our guidance. This means that we should be trying to create different feeding instances to try to do positive, motivating activities with our dog where he/she can continue to practice following our guidance and strengthening your relationship. The game of "Find it!", coupled with this snuffle mat will make for a fun and great exercise that your dog will love!

50ft Justzon Cotton Web Leash


- Physically stimulate your dog.

- Weight pockets (you can use sand, rice or bb's and ideally inside of a little zip lock bag) mold to fit your dog's body shape.

- Further challenge during walks/runs

The XDog Vest helps with building strength, performance, muscle growth, power, speed and overall health in adult dogs. It's also a great tool to help combat obesity in over weight dogs, improve cardiovascular health and reduce energy faster for high-energized dogs. Please consult with your veterinary to make sure your dog's bones are fully done growing, before adding weight to the vest. Contact us for tips regarding desensitization.

Tricky Treat Ball


- Challenge a dog's nose.

- Useful to slow down feeding speed.

- Begin with multiple treats/kibble and reduce the amount as you go to increase the challenge.

- Can encourage retrieving.

Encourage retrieving in your dog with a toy designed to capture your dog's interest and get them working for every piece of kibble. This toy can also be placed inside your dog's bowl (with kibble/food both inside the ball and on the bowl) to help prevent accelerated eating and provide a little bit of fun for your dog's mind along the way!

50ft Justzon Cotton Web Leash


- Useful during backyard or park play when working on your dog's recall skills.

- Increase the length as you go

Training recall is a great skill for any dog and their handler to learn. This can be done with the use of a regular leash. However, as you continue practicing and increasing the distance with your dog, having a long leash will allow you to take things to the next level!

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