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(5-24 Months) Modifying Behaviours [A]

(Thurs 6pm for 3 Weeks) Intro behaviour modification class.

  • Starts Jul 4
  • 149.89 Canadian dollars
  • 2355 Tedlo St #3, Mississauga, ON L5A 3W7

Service Description

If your dog is dog or human-reactive, please contact us to inquire about whether this class is suitable for your dog at this time. Behaviour modification diverges from obedience training as its focus lies in altering, eliminating, or managing undesirable behaviours unlike obedience training, which mainly concentrates on teaching responses to cues. Join us for this consecutive, 3-week indoor course where we aim to replace unwanted behaviours with more desirable ones, by enhancing emotional reactions and providing dogs with alternative, desired options they can choose from for us to reinforce positively. Several examples of behaviours subject to modification include excessive barking, digging, jumping up, food or object stealing and resource guarding, destructive chewing, shyness, as well as anxieties and phobias. Please note that this class is not suitable for tackling separation anxiety, or aggression. For both of these behaviours or to see if your dog is suitable for this group class, please contact us. Class details: 45-50 Mins (for 3 consecutive Weeks) Up to 5 dogs will attend (maximum 4 pet parents per dog) We require that all dogs attending be up to date on their shots and attend class wearing a flat collar or harness. Shock or prong collars, as well as slip leashes are not permitted. Please note that we do not use any correction or punishment-based methods, and take pleasure in helping any and all dogs make desirable choices through positive reinforcement, using fun, pain-free and motivating training methods.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations, please text (647) 995-3647 within 24 hours or more, in advance. Cancellations for in-person private at your home sessions are subject to a $30 fee (excluding meet & greet bookings).

Contact Details

+1 (647) 995-3647

Mississauga, ON, Canada

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