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Me Dog Trainig German Shepherd Aggression

Hello! 👋🏼 I'm Carlos and I'm the founder and dog trainer at Pawblems Made Easy!
I have been fortunate to be raised around people that truly cared a lot about animals. At a young age, I would often tend to any wounded or injured animal I would find on the streets of Lima, bringing them home and figuring out a way to help.
It wasn't until I rescued Mila, a 6-year-old Bichon Frisé that had been re-homed several times, that I realized that I needed to see if other dogs like her, could use my help through dog training and puppy training. In preparation for the adoption of this pup, I learned everything I could about dogs and how to communicate and understand them in order to fulfill their needs. Since then, I've had the privilege of helping owners and families with their own. I also work with rescues and foster homes, helping them not only find the most loving homes for these animals, but also making sure the new families were equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge.

Mississauga Dog Trainer Near Me

About PMEZ🐾

Pawblems Made Easy is all about going the extra mile for a dog. Not counting minutes or hours when helping clients, but rather focus on our progress, our goals and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This service has been growing mainly through word of mouth and is now using social media to reach a wider audience and share the services Pawblems Made Easy has to offer. These services all revolve around canine rehabilitation, the education of our clients and overall positive experience.

Find out more about what we do for our existing clients and what we can do for you just by saying hello!

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