Are We A Good Fit?

- Where are you located?

Our head trainer, Carlos, is located in Oakville and Mississauga, however, all training is performed at the client's homes and parks. The cities and areas we come to are listed at the bottom of our page.


- Are there any required commitments?

None! You are not obligated to purchase any type of plan or accept an agreement. You can book single sessions as you need them.



- Past our session, are you available should I have any further inquiries?

Always! You can get in contact with us via email, phone call or text.

- Can I invite family and friends to our sessions?

Certainly! All members of the family and friends involved with your pup are welcomed to join.


- Are there any hidden fees?


None! There will only ever be one fee which is what we would have announced before the booking.


- What is your cancellation policy?


Though we don’t have a cancellation fee, we do appreciate as much notice as possible, so that we can provide another client with your time slot, should you decide to cancel or postpone your session.


- How much does a session cost?


Please contact us, so we may provide you with an exact amount, depending on your location and the age of your dog.



- How long does a session last?


Upon booking, Puppy, Adolescent, Adult and Adoption sessions will reserve up to 5 hours for us to spend together. There won’t be any additional charges if we go past the scheduled time. Our clients use up on average only 3 to 4 of the 5 hours available to them.

- Can I get a discount if I schedule multiple sessions?


You sure can! Though most clients will be happy with just the one session, due to the lack of time limit, you can always schedule multiple sessions and we can reduce the cost of each session.



- Will I get a discount if I refer you to a friend?


Yes! You will get a $15 discount on  all of your sessions moving forward.

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