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"I had a very informational and helpful conversation with Carlos concerning issues I’m having with my dog, my fur child, Dyxon. I so much appreciate it and I want to thank you Carlos. I will keep you posted on our progress. For starters, the doggie backpack, the techniques to help him be calm by using my body language to help achieve this and to keep him moving for exercise, not excessively but enough to tire him, helping him relax and rest. If anyone needs help and has training issues with your dog I recommend Pawblemsmadeeasy, contact and speak with Carlos. Thanks again."


- Cecilia Quintanilla

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"Our brand new puppy Snickers is the cutest and sweetest Bernedoodle pup possible. But my two little girls (6 and 8) were still a quite freaked out to have a dog in our house. They loved Snickers but wouldn't come into the room for fear of Snickers getting excited and jumping up on them.

Carlos was amazing with my girls - we left him to work with them directly and at the end of two hours, our eight year old went from standing on a chair in the dogs presence to playing tag and chasing Snickers around the yard and having her take treats out of her hands.."


- Michelle Gorman

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"We have a previously abused rescue, and Carlos was great with giving us the tools to ensure a more healthy relationship with our dog. He's really taught us how to read our dog properly, and how to look for signs of anxiety.

Carlos is great at listening to our concerns and tailors his lessons to ensure the owners can improve at their own comfortable pace."

- Devlin Chan


"My daughter and I got an 8-week old chihuahua. Super cute, also super intelligent. Between many adds, I found Carlos and his company and decided to go with him. Best decision ever made!! He really doesn't train dogs, he trains And really, how can you train an animal if you don't understand him/her. Carlos spent half a day with us, and I can now eat my food on the couch, where ever, without Beia crawling over me, while I'm trying to eat my food. 

He was really amazing, we will definitely do a follow up session when she is 12 weeks. Money well spent, we loved it. Thank you, Carlos!!!!!!"


-Jana Rodriguez


"Carlos really helped us learn more about our adolescent puppies needs and brought a lot of solutions to some issues we were having. Our puppy is happy and so are we. Great service and the at home visits are very convenient."

-Gina Holgate


"Carlos spent an evening at our house to help us with Zoey and we did many brain games with her as he suggested there was more needed then us physically tiring her out....a happy puppy/dog is a happy puppy, which we hadn't thought of. We immediately go into a routine with Zoey of making her work for her food often (smaller meals) and this helped amazingly satisfy her so she is more settled being alone (and food in her belly). Carlos suggested a couple of brain games that would help us, and even a couple days later he sent us a treat rug for Zoey that makes her sniff out her food..and she loves it. It was the help we needed when she was so little and now we had more direction and focus as new puppy owners. Thank you, Carlos!!!"


- Madison Garvie


"My puppy Theodore likes to jump up on people. Carlos came in and immediately started working. As soon as he sat down Theo started to jump on him but continued speaking to me as if he wasn’t there. I then saw Theo sit in front of him quietly and patiently (something that doesn’t usually happen), it was then that Carlos rewarded him by inviting him into his space. I was truly surprised. He helped me to teach Theo to follow me when walking instead of him pulling on his leash and leading. I’m happy to say Theodore is now walking next to me and getting a lot of exercise, both physically and mentally. Thank You again Carlos."


-Liz Forde

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"After having worked with many different trainers.. I met Carlos from Pawblems Made Easy. I can say with absolute certainty that he is the best dog behaviorist around! He put so much time, dedication and patience into helping my dog - way more than was expected.

I honestly can't thank him enough and happily recommend him to anyone who is having any sort of issue with their dog."

- Peter J. Kolacz