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"This is first time I’ve had to use a trainer (having trained 4 previous dogs myself) and Carlos is outstanding. His technique was able to help me with a very challenging English Bull Terrier pup (more so than my previous Bully and definitely than the average). I’d highly recommend Carlos and Pawblems Made Easy for anyone looking for a dog trainer that actually is helpful." ​

private dog training near me mississauga

Private, At-Home Dog Training 🏡

Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville & surrounding areas.

Private training allows for an environment where you can share your concerns and questions with a trainer who will provide you with an understanding of where the issues may be stemming from, how to best manage them, and even prevent them.

Start by booking a session at your home below. You will be asked to indicate what you'd like to work on and if you'd like to provide additional details after booking, please feel free to email

All family members are welcomed to join and participate to their heart's content.

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